R11, 2020-09-15

NOTE: Terrapin Adventures does not accept paper waivers, please submit electronically.

Youth Program Form

Please use the child's legal first and last name.

Pronouns are the terms your child feels comfortable being referred to by in conversation. For example, She/Her. He/Him, They/Them.

Please check off any of the boxes below that may apply to your child.

Emergency Contacts/Parent Information

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Thu Oct 29, 2020

Thank you! Please complete the following before you arrive at Camp:

  • Register for BAND, our parent portal by downloading the app, creating an account, and using this link to join our private, secure group for important messages, updates, and photos/videos of your child's day!
  • Click Here to read through our Parent Guide with important information regarding your packing list, behavior expectations, health/safety, and more.
  • Email our Camp Director, Emily Minter, with any questions or concerns at Campdirector@terrapinadventures.com.