R6, 2022-01-19

NOTE: Terrapin Adventures does not accept paper waivers, please submit electronically.

Camper Health Form

This form collects information about the child's health and wellbeing like allergies, injuries, conditions, dietary restrictions, etc.

Please Check off any of the below conditions that apply to the child, regardless of severity.

Please check this box if your child has any physical, psychiatric, behavioral, or other special needs that are not listed above.

Medication Information

If your child needs medication at camp, please click here to access the Medication Administration form. The form must be signed by both the parent/guardian and the child's physician. Once the form has been completed, please email it to campdirector@terrapinadventures.com.

Please note: the child must be capable of self-administering their medication. Except in an emergency, Terrapin Adventures' staff may not administer or assist with the administration of camper medication. Campers may not bring or take medication at camp without completion of the Medication Administration Form.

Allergy and Dietary Information

What kind of allergy is it?

What kind of allergy is it?

Vaccination Information

This includes the covid-19 vaccine.

Physician Information

I attest that the information provided in this document is true and correct. I acknowledge that if any of the above information changes before camp that I must submit a new form.

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Parent/Guardian Signature

Sat Jul 2, 2022