R5, 2022-01-19

NOTE: Terrapin Adventures does not accept paper waivers, please submit electronically.

Camper Authorized Pick Up Form

In compliance with Maryland State Laws, we are not permitted to release children to individuals, including parents, that are not listed on this form.

The adult who is picking up the child MUST present a state or government-issued ID or driver's license. Without this, we cannot release children to any individual. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please ensure that all adults on this form are aware of this. In the event that more people need to be added to the list, please complete this form again.

Thank you for helping us keep all of our campers safe.

Make sure to consider your emergency contacts, carpools, family friends, etc.

By signing this document, I attest that
 I understand that a government or state-issued ID must be presented during check-out daily in order for my child to be released to any adult, including the parent/guardian. I acknowledge that if any of the above information changes before camp that I must submit a new form.

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Sat Jul 2, 2022